Remappings chronicles Jewish-Christian relations in England from the 12th century until the expulsion in 1492. Although in development, this project aims to produce an interactive map of England that highlights both positive and negative interactions between Jewish and Christian citizens. Currently, a map of Bath has been built using ArcGIS and should be available on the web shortly.

PI: Kathy Lavezzo, University of Iowa

My contribution: Advised on project development, coordinated undergraduate researchers; facilitated meetings with both funding agencies and the University of Iowa’s Digital Scholarship and Publishing Studio.

Half in Shadow: Remembering Nellie McKay

Half in Shadow: Remembering Nellie McKay is a project that maps the influence of McKay’s teaching and mentorship through surveys and interviews with her former students. Ultimately, this project seeks to produce a social network map that highlights how McKay’s students, particularly women of color, responded to her views on gender and higher education.

PI: Shanna Benjamin, Grinnell College

My contribution: Advised on project development, assisted with survey development, facilitated interactions with digital resources both local and international.

Instructional Design

From 2013-2015, I served as an Instructional Design Fellow at Baylor University. In this role, I led and developed numerous workshops for faculty, staff, and students on how to best utilize digital tools in the classroom, including Twitter, WordPress, Canvas, Google Docs, SpeedGrader, Pinterest, Audacity, Adobe Creative Suite, and Final Cut Pro.