1928 Hurricane Project

The 1928 Hurricane Project memorializes the second largest natural disaster to occur in the United States. Since records about the storm’s influence on the people and economy of central Florida and the Caribbean are minimal, this project highlights the lives lost in the storm, particularly the thousands of undocumented black migrant workers in both Florida and Puerto Rico. Although this project is a work-in-progress, it currently depicts lives lost in the storm by date and location. Throughout the next year, interviews of individuals who either lived through the storm or had family members who lived through the storm will be embedded into the exhibit.

Makers by Mail

Makers by Mail strives to make makerspace technologies more accessible to community partners throughout North America. By mailing small, portable materials–littleBits, Raspberry Pis, and Arduinos–to universities, secondary schools, and public libraries, this initiative encourages the development of meaningful relationships between institutions of higher education and the public. Since partners are only charged for the cost of Priority shipping and any lost or damaged parts, this programs allows participants a simple and cost-effective way to access computing technologies.